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New Year’s Mystery Reads in Kindle Unlimited

Book Round Up

When I was in college, I took a class on the psychology of decision making. One of the lessons I remember most is the Peanut Butter Satisfaction experiment. (That’s not actually what it was called, but that’s how I remember it. This will make sense in a minute.)

Two groups of people were asked to buy peanut butter. The first group was given three choices. The second group was given… a lot.

Not only did people in the second group have a harder time making a selection than the people in the first group, they were also less satisfied with whatever peanut butter they chose.

More choices, contrary to what many of us believe, doesn’t make us happier. Nor does it make us like our ultimate selection more. It’s actually the opposite.

Why the psychology lesson?

Because the good folks at Bookfunnel have done the work of eliminating choices from your book selection shelf.

Here is a round up of newly released mystery books, all of which can be read for free with a Kindle Unlimited membership!

Let me know if this kind of round up is helpful to you, or if you like to unceasingly browse for peanut butter, only to get home and wish you’d bought the organic, crunchy, no salt instead of Jif.

Happy Reading!