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It’s not all sunshine and daiquiris at the Golden Hibiscus Resort.

It’s the Fourth of July at the Golden Hibiscus Resort, but working in a tropical paradise is a lot different than being a guest, as Tessa Tidwell is quickly finding out. As the new event planner, she spends more time in boardrooms than bikinis, and her tiny apartment is a far cry from a beachside villa.

Throw in the just-built Golden Hibiscus Towers next door, pushy colleagues, and a last-minute July Fourth party, and Tessa’s new Island Life is more like her old Mainland Life than she’d like to admit.

So far, the only redeeming thing about being a Golden Hibiscus Resort employee…

Is that she isn’t the one who just went missing.

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I loved your writing so much. The banter is EVERYTHING.